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Introduction and Raison d'être


What is Ateliers?

Ateliers is a friendly fanfiction (and original fiction) project/challenge that grew out of the random thought of writing stories/poems/etc. inspired by visual art and/or prose/poetry/play/film/short film/animation/historical event, such as Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, Ginberg's Howl, Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, Dalí and Buñuel's Un chien andalou, Disney and Dalí's Destino, or the burning of the library of Alexandria. Any fandom (or original fiction), prose, play or poetry. It's all about art.


Just because we like being organized, and we like small details that make us happy, we decided to challenge ourselves to write starting on 15 April (World Art Day) and start posting on 8 September (International Literacy Day).

UPDATE: Due to travelling concerns on both our parts directly overlapping September 8 and the surrounding dates, we've decided to move the beginning of posting to October 9. An updated information post will be posted soon.

Is this an exchange/fest something like that?

No. Ateliers is a fun project of that grew out of friends throwing ideas around and we'd love to be joined by anyone who's interested.


Again, because we like organizing our fun, we might as well decide some simple rules and put them somewhere so we don't forget.

There is no word count minimum (but we're probably aiming for at least 500 words for prose, less for poetry is fine!)

This is open fandom/multi-fandom including original fiction. If you want to write UNIQ, Mamamoo, VIXX, Lovelyz, JJ Project, SHINee, EXO, arashi, ikon, Beast, BTS, Infinite, f(x), Inception, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Kingsman, Teen Wolf, xxxHoLiC, Drrrr, yowapeda, crossovers, actors/other rpf, original characters, anything is excellent. The focus is the art.

Any kind of art/prose/poem/play/film/short film/animation/historical event or combination goes if it was created/occurred before 1969 inclusive. After that, in terms of prose, we were originally thinking of books like the Booker, Pulitzer and the Nobel Prize in Literature longlists, or conversely the Hugo, Nebula, Newbery etc. but it's up to you! It would be fun though to focus on things that don't get as much mainstream bestseller attention. Any language is great!

Modus operandus

Notice: there is a new option to sign up directly via Ao3 for a more streamlined process. For more information please refer to the Ao3 challenge.

Again, to keep things organized, anyone who wants to join the community can, and if you want to write something just drop a comment here with your prompt and fandom. (Comments are not screened so if you don't want anyone to see, please comment your prompt on anonymous and drop ateliersmod a pm or send an email to This post will be updated with the list of prompts being written. If you want to change what you're writing or not write anymore, just comment on your comment thread. On 15 April we'll confirm that people are still writing/planning on writing and restrict the comm membership to friends who are writing only. After that, if you still want to join in the fun, just drop a pm or email (as above). Edit: Considering the nature of the project, feel free to comment and join in whenever you'd like, as long as you'll be able to finish for the 9 Octoberber beginning of posting date. More fun is always good!

Note: We've been having some problems with comments getting spammed — if this happens to you just drop us a pm or email so that we don't miss unspamming it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Have fun!

project list

bluedreaming - Onement VI Yixing (exo)/Dan DeHann/(Daniel Radcliffe ?); Almond blossoms 1890 / Vivaldi: Concerto For Violin And Strings In E, Op.8, No.1, R.269 "La Primavera"-1. Allegro Junmyeon (exo)/Gaspard Ulliel
lotusk - J.W. Waterhouse's The Soul of the Rose Chanyeol/Jongin (exo)
bookishvice - The Masque of the Red Death exo; "I loved you first: but afterwards your love" exo
nachtegael - Poetry Irene/Joy (red velvet)
springmaid - Sergei Polunin's dance for "Take Me to Church" exo and vixx (prose)
thiswintersky - Do not go gentle into that good night exo
savilerows - hotel lobby formula 1
verisatum - the alchemist in the city homestuck; I ran out of stars got7
baekhoes_garden - Oranges are not the only fruit original
alchemicink - Persistence of Memory HEY!SAY!JUMP!
chwihae - Tonight I can write the saddest lines exo; Hades and Persephone exo
greytipped - The Return of the Condor Heroes exo
wolfodder - Dylan Thomas' And Death Shall Have No Dominion exo
w_ilted - T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock BTS
stripedsound - Liu Zun's The Story of Mizi Xia - History
Multitudinous Blossoms
lovebeat_down - Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls Mamamoo
london9calling - Etienne Sandorfi's Alazarine D.O./Jongin (exo)
seeeno -
Edna St. Vincent Millay's I Know a Hundred Ways to Die and Lament - Jongwoon/Ryeowook or Henry/Ryeowook (super junior); Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening super junior
hipslip - The Office US / W Korea's Daisy Illusive f(x) & shinee
acel - W. B. Yeats' Among School Children shinee

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